Our vision is to constantly improve our quality and to revolutionise the way agencies are run. It is our intent to go further than other agencies, improving the effectiveness of our services through a commitment to training and the development of all our staff

Interviews of potential staff

Falcon Agency completes face-to-face interviews of all potential candidates with no exceptions, ensuring we adhere to the safe recruitment policy.

Only questions relevant to the grade of the candidate’s grade are asked during the interview and a completed staff development book is provided to the candidate that will match the job grade applied for.

The candidate must complete an application form completely which meets with the Good Industry Practice.

Falcon only use suitably trained, experienced and competent individuals to conduct all interviews. A nurse will always be interviewed by a fellow nurse at a higher grade.

Original documentation must be provided to the interviewer, for authenticity and to be photocopied (should the potential applicant arrive without the original documentation they will be declined an interview at the present time).

An agency worker’s Handbook (“Staff Handbook”) will be provided to the candidate.

A confirmation form that the agency worker has received the Staff Handbook along with a declaration that has been signed and dated by the Agency Worker to confirm that he/she has received read, fully understood and shall comply with its requirements at all times.  Staff handbook is available on the downloads page.